What do you need to know about your wiper blades? in Clarksville, TN

Casey Jenkins's Blog | What do you need to know about your wiper blades?

What should you know about wiper blades? Blades are key to your wipers performance. Intern they give you high visibility while it’s raining and snowing. This is to help keep you safe! How do you know if they’re warn? Fact is: all wiper blades wear out overtime! It’s usually pretty easy to detect. When you see streaking on the windshield or cracks in the rubber you’ll know it’s time for a change. Or if you hear a chattering sound while they wipe- it is time to replace them! Overtime the sun‘s rays crack the leather. And icy windshields can tear the wiper blades. So be sure to completely thaw the ice before turning them on. Is there anything else you should know? Before you replace your wipers… Wait! If they’re relatively new, they may just need to be cleaned. Wipe each blade with Motorcraft washer fluid. If that doesn’t work come in and will take good care of you. Wiper replacement does not require an appointment. How often should you have them replace? Replace wiper blades every 12 months. However that can depend on where you live.

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