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This 1973 Bronco has been in the Hand Family for over 15 years; Mr. Rome Hand purchased the 1973 Bronco sight unseen.

Since then the Hand Family, to include their family mechanic, have gradually restored it. The motor, the rear end, and the body panels are all originals. The Hand Team has replaced the 3 speed to a 5 speed auto and installed a new dash. There is also a new steering component, new hood, new front end, new transfer case, and new tires. A MSD box, which makes all the electrical parts go into each cylinder and helps regulate the sparks going to each cylinder, was also added.

While the original color was Red, the Hand Family selected the color “Bud Light Blue” to repaint it.  

RC Hand loves the “WOW” factor that he feels when he drives the Bronco!  He said, “Everywhere you go, you turn heads!” RC drives this vehicle often and loves to take it to the lake on the weekends! 

When asked about a favorite memory in the 1973 Bronco, he said when he was around 5 years old, he took the Bronco deer hunting and shot his first deer! He ended up tagging out that day and filled the Bronco up! This was when the vehicle had straight fenders!

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