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Time to Change Your Windshield Wipers?

COVID-19 has certainly slowed us down these days and it has us reflecting on lots of things in our lives. Some of us are filling the extra hours at home with projects we have had on a long list but somehow never had...

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How to Properly Disinfect Your Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19 moving across the country, we all know how contagious it is. We have heard about washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces. Those two factors are the best way to defend against the...

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5 Smart Tips for Saving on Your Car Loan

If you want or need a new vehicle during this crazy time in our world’s history, you should be sure your finances are secure and you get the best deal on a loan you can.  No one wants to buy a car to find...

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How & When To Change Your Car’s Air Filter

It is springtime in the U.S. and no doubt you have begun to see the signs of it floating in the air. Pollen seems to be everywhere and coating everything! Your vehicle's engine efficiency depends on your air filter...

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What is the Most Popular Car Color?

Out on the roads today, we fill the highways with colorful cars. Have you ever wondered why people choose the color car they do? What is the most popular colored car? American paint manufacturers

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