Know your car wash - before you wash your car! (Jenkins and Wynne) in Clarksville, TN

Casey Jenkins's Blog | Know your car wash - before you wash your car! (Jenkins and Wynne)

Oil Changes and Tire Rotations are No Appointment Necessary! Feel free to drive in at your convenience. Our busiest time in our Quick Lane is from 7am till about 10am. Other express maintenance includes: brakes, tires, batteries, and wiper replacement.

When a vehicle comes to Jenkins and Wynne Service you can expect the following:

1) we will perform a complimentary Alignment Check to ensure your vehicle is aligned properly so that the wear on your tires is even.

2) you will receive a Multi-Point Inspection signed off by a Factory Certified Technician. The Tech has many items to check to ensure your vehicle is in good health.  We color-code the MPI in red-yellow-green so that you can know the health of your vehicle- at a glance.

3) we will top off your fluids.

4) you will receive a Complimentary Car Wash and Vacuum Ticket to be used at your convenience in our Automatic Car Wash. The Car Wash uses brushes verses bristle so that the exterior is not scratched. The brushes are Closed Cell Foam. This means that dirt cannot become embedded in them so that they remain scratch free. The final rinse is Spot-Free Water that has been softened and filtered with reverse osmosis. The Dryer comes from 4 fifteen horsepower dryers. To date, there has been over 100,000 car washes in our car wash! This unit is a Mark VII Softwash DL. This unit was designed especially for Jenkins and Wynne. When we moved to our new property on Trenton Rd, Don Jenkins told the company what we wanted- with the vision of being as friendly to the exterior as possible- and the rest is history! Since then, that company has started to manufacture this specific car wash and is selling this model to other Automobile Dealerships!

5) Oil Changes should take less than 30 minutes.

Do you have a Recall question? We can check that for you! Just let us know your VIN number.


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